Sunday, 14 March 2010

Song Of The Day No.4


by The Psychedelic Furs (The Psychedelic Furs, 1980)

The long intro winds and whirls up slowly, crackling as it goes, taking you to the scene of a moon landing. Quiet, tranquil, peaceful and open. Then blam, the rhythm section kicks in and brings you back down to earth. The opening two minutes lull you into a perfect false sense of security so that when the song 'starts' it has double the impact.

The post-punk bass and drum beats bring a sense of urgency to the song after the soothing beginning. The guitars begin their cycling riffs adding another layer to the ever-mounting rhythmic gale. Richard Butler's gruff, rasping, strangled vocals then force out the first line, “India, you're my love song”. The final element in the jigsaw, and what generally sets these Londoners apart from the post-punk homogeny, is the saxophone which gives a little bit of soul and life to the song lightening up the otherwise brooding, serious proceedings.


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  1. India, I still remember seeing the band live on TV at my aunt's, after having escaped from my house, as I did every Tuesday night, to discover, to explore music, painting, dancing..."La Edad de Oro" was the name of the program where all those new bands and artists used to appear, and today, while listening to India, I've come back to that old and empty house (my aunt would live with us at the time) It was the beginning of the 80's, at the disco in Vila-real it was normal to be dancing to the rythm of Heaven and Heartbeat, or even Pretty in Pink, President gas...glorious times, like today!