Thursday, 18 March 2010

Song Of The Day No.7

Yo Sé Que

by Juana Molina (Tres Cosas, 2002)

Successful ex-comedian and actor in Argentina, her parents were a tango singer and a actress/model. In 1996 she moved away from acting and released an album showing that she could achieve success in both of her parents' professions. By her third album, Tres Cosas (Three Things), she had cemented her style as we hear in this song.

Running at almost six minutes 'Yo Sé Que' (I Know That) combines acoustic guitar, electronic effects, beats and rhythms with her breathy, hypnotic voice. Throughout the song the electric beats patter while noises bounce and roll through the air and the acoustic guitar picks on repeat. It makes little difference that she's singing in Spanish because those who understand Spanish find it difficult to understand and decipher all the lyrics from her flowing, pulsing intonation. In this way Molina often utilizes her voice as an extra instrument, layering her voice with delay or echo up, over and in upon itself, although in this song we only hear this towards the end.


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