Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Song Of The Day No.26

Bumbling Blues

by Pip Dylan (Of All The Things I Can Eat I'm Always Pleased With A Piece Of Cheese, 2002)

Ian 'Een' Anderson is one of three siblings with musical talent pouring out of their ears. Brothers Kenny (King Creosote) and Gordon (The Beta Band, Lone Pigeon and is also Ian's twin) you could argue have had a little more success than him but Pip Dylan's life reads like a musical adventure book; living alone on the island of Mull, then touring Europe with his brother Kenny as part of the Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra playing the double bass, after which he spent a time learning to play the banjo, then finger and flat picking guitar styles and finally travelling to Spain to add flamenco to his box of tricks.

The album manages to successfully involve just about all these studied disciplines but 'Bumbling Blues' reverts to basics with fine-tuned simplicity in it's writing and execution. A steadily picked nylon guitar rhythm combines with percussive tenderness while affective slide whirs in the background. Mourning the departure of a loved one by stating “I will fly away and visit you.” to provide a gently warming chorus only adds to the tenderness of the song.


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