Thursday, 15 April 2010

Song Of The Day No.27


by The Beach Boys (Sunflower, 1970)

Sunflower saw some changes with the other members becoming more and more involved in contributing songs to the album. Brian Wilson is still credited as songwriter on seven of the twelve songs, but only one of these ('This While World') isn't a co-credit with other band members. Wilson's deteriorating mental and physical can be attributed as the reason but the outcome is a collective creative effort.

'Deirdre' is one of those co-credits. Bruce Johnston, who replaced Glen Campbell as Brian's substitute on tour in 1965, not only takes the songwriting to task but also takes lead vocals on this album track and B-side. Johnston's understated singing lends the track an underlying relaxed feel even with the chorus where the whole gang joins in and the atmosphere changes to a cheery, sing-a-long number. The bouncy rhythm and random ochestral cameos add to the feeling that you should really burst into song with the others. The band may have had moved away from surf-pop delights towards more mid-paced MOR pop but the typical Beach Boy sonic layers of instruments and harmonies really fill this song out and keep it interesting.


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