Saturday, 24 April 2010

Song Of The Day No.35


by M. Craft (I Can See It All Tonight, 2004)

Former founding member of Aussie rock band Sidewinder, Martin James Ford Craft, to give him his full name, moved to London after the band split up in search of solo success. Something which he found to varying degrees. In 2004 the mini-album I Can See It All Tonight was released on 679 Recordings. These six songs provide a charmingly warming acoustic serving showing invention and originality in a genre that is often restrictive. Two years later he released Silver & Fire, which includes 'Sweets' and 'Dragonfly' from his 2004 effort, perhaps as evidence of a creative plateau or even decline.

'Sweets' is a pleasant mid-paced multi-textured acoustic pop song. The introduction of female vocals to take the lead for the catchy chorus with slightly stuttering lines, “Take sweets from Stra-heyn-gers” adds a sharpness to the song behind the cottony electric guitar, sighing backing vocals, sound samples and Craft's own softly delivered vocals. To end the song the guitar briefly steels up a bit for a short solo burst before a final chorus finishes the song abruptly but timely.


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