Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Song Of The Day No.42

The Cantina

by The Sea and Cake (Nassau, 1995)

The Sea and Cake's members have been taken from three other bands from Chicago. Jim McIntire (Tortoise), Sam Prekop (Shrimp Boat), Archer Prewitt (The Coctails) and Eric Claridge (Shrimp Boat) had originally thought only as far as the first album but they have ended up combining their intriguing mixture of pop, jazz and post-rock for over eight albums now. It seems the band prefer working to produce long-players rather than making singles, releasing only two singles and two EPs in their 16 years of existence.

Like most of The Seas and Cake's music, McIntire's superb drumming never takes a standard rhythm-making backseat. Here, the relentlessly hyperactive beating and tssking carries the song on a wave of endless energy and enthusiasm, even dictating the accompanying instruments into breaks, build ups and fall downs. The guitar and bass take part in 'call and reply' duelling while the vocals nonchalantly go about adding barely audible words to the frantic mix. An electric organ is evident to provide another dimension to this more indie-rock number off the album.


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