Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Song Of The Day No.47

I Want That Girl

by Bill Drummond (The Man, 1986)

As a former member of Big In Japan with Holly Johnson, Ian Broudie plus others and a former manager/producer for Echo & The Bunnymen and Teardrop Explodes, not to mention founder of Zoo Records, Bill Drummond had quite a lot of experience in the record industry even before spending half a million pounds to promote the band Brilliant, for WEA records as their A&R man, only for the group to completely flop. This minor disaster then provided Drummond with the epiphany he needed to write and record his own album in ten days, he then passed the tape onto his friend Alan McGee of Creation Records who released it.

The album is a mix of traditional folk, eighties indie, and pop with 'I Want That Girl' providing the most overtly gleeful pop song on the album. From the off the catchy light-heartedness appeals, backing vocals from Voice Of The Beehive chime alongside Hammond organ and piano, handclaps bring further joy and in combination with the organ, trumpet and massed chorus the song has a kind of gospel feel. Pleasing in it's happy simplicity and care-free catchiness it will brighten up your day.


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