Thursday, 20 May 2010

Song Of The Day No.49

Prozac Vs Heroin

by The Brian Jonestown Massacre (And This Is Our Music, 2003)

The Brian Jonestown Massacre is basically Anton Newcombe. The band's constantly changing line-up is a little dizzying and the band's discography can also make the average man feel a bit queasy at the sight of it with eleven LPs and seven EPs in seventeen years. The band were stars of the documentary DIG! which followed The Dandy Warhol's road to success and BJM's frustration and repeated implosion at the hands of it's star.

This song is a fairly typical offering from the group whose sound can range from shoegaze, psychedelia and sixties pop to electronic and experimental with various combinations included. 'Prozac Vs Heroin' mixes psychedelic sounds with a wall of sound/shoegaze atmosphere. Various strummed guitars fill the soundscape with the occasional stringed instrument while Newcombe's voice steadily drones through the lyrics.


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