Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Song of the Day No.53

Oh No, I Tried

by Right Away, Great Captain (The Eventually Home, 2008)

Under this guise Andy Hull is free to submerge himself in the life of a 17th century sailor through song. His trilogy of albums away from indie rock band Manchester Orchestra and folk rock group Bad Books have centred on a sailor returning home to find he has been betrayed by his wife, with his brother. Between the three groups Hull is proving to be quite a prolific songwriter, although to moderate critical and commercial success. Let's see if the third installment can make a better impression.

Much of this album is emotive and effecting with lonesome guitar and vocals providing most of the atmosphere to complement the subject matter. 'Oh No, I Tried' is different however, feeling quite ditty-esque from the start. A bouncy acoustic guitar provides steady head-bobbing guidance with the rhythm of the lyrics adding to the light-heartedness. Backing vocals join as the song starts to build before a piano provides a momentary jaunty distraction from the repeated chants of “Oh no, I tried, oh no I tried”.


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