Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Song of the Day No.60

This Is The Day

by The The (Soul Mining, 1983)

Soul Mining is the group's official debut following 1981's Burning Blue Soul that was originally released under, only permanent member, Matt Johnson's name. The band had also recorded a full album before Soul Mining but it never reached the public domain. After these apparent false starts the group really hit the ground running, Matt Johnson's distinct vocal style and creative song-writing skills combine with some classic 80's synth and percussion to get the critics, if not so much the public, on-side. The revolving door of musicians and collaborators to have worked with Johnson over the years include; Holly Johnson, Jools Holland, David Johansen, Johnny Marr, Neneh Cherry, Sinaed O'Connor and more.

'This Is The Day' may be familiar through the Manic Street Preacher's cover released in September of this year. As with many original/cover relationships, the original is infinitely better. Darker, more brooding and more sincere, the many textures of the song stand to be heard without shouting over each other. The handclap rhythms, the deep twanging bass, synths, strings and guitars all keep it simple in their own little way but are combined to devastating effect with each element rolling in and out of play creating a velvety multi-layered whirlpool of sound.


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