Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Song Of The Day No.11


by Elbow (Asleep In The Back, 2001)

This, the first single off Elbow's Mercury Prize nominated debut album, circles and soars throughout, invariably catching heat spots and raising gracefully before swooping down and around a bit more. The gently gliding strings are accompanied by revolving piano keys and a swirling layered production that is pinned to the ground by a steady, syncopated and ever-present drum beat that doesn't allow the song to lose direction or float off too far.

Guy Garvey's now familiar melancholic tones open themselves up on the chorus to full effect singing “You burn too bright, you live too fast” emoting a truly mournful, despondent atmosphere. The outro is entirely instrumental, as the cymbal crashes and drum beats fall away the acoustic guitar and strings take us in for the final approach and after the song has executed it's smooth landing you are left with a fulfilling sense of peace and well-being.


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