Thursday, 8 April 2010

Song Of The Day No.23

Good Morning Britain

by Aztec Camera (Stray, 1990)

Stray is the band's fourth album, released seven years after their debut High Land, Hard Rain in 1983. This album manages to incorporate various song stylings in it's eighties pop setting, this single offers a distinctive style while wearing it's influence on it's sleeve and also giving it a starring role. Mick Jones (The Clash) features and in turn the song adopts his influence effortlessly.

Jones and Roddy Frame, Aztec Camera's only constant member and chief songwriter, trade quick-fire lyrics over mechanized drums and a steady bass line. The mix prioritises the call-to-arms vocals with the guitars barely noticeable in the background. They do however provide an unassuming base for Frame and Jones to put forth their social critique about late-eighties Britain; “Don't be too black, don't be too gay. Just get a little duller.” or “He's killing more than celtic joy. Death is not a stranger.”. The song marches into your head proving that music good music can sometimes be political too.


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