Friday, 9 April 2010

Song Of The Day No.24


by Brokeback (Looks At The Bird, 2003)

The song crackles, literally, as it starts before being joined by some other electronic blips and bleeps and, of course, the trademark Fender six-string bass. Brokeback is the side project of Douglas McCombs, bassist in post-rock/experimental Chicago group Tortoise. McCombs highlighted the importance of his Fender by saying; “Brokeback wouldn't exist without the Fender six-string bass”.

Many guests have graced the three albums to date; from members of Stereolab, Calexico and Yo La Tengo to lesser known but equally talented musicians. One of these said musicians, Noel Kupersmith (Chicago Underground), became a permanent fixture in the band after the first album to turn Brokeback into a two-bassist band.

Together they have created some beautiful ambient/jazz/lo-fi music. Aside from the crackles and programmed electronic sound bites that back 'Lupé' up, jazz-styled drumming, considered melodies from the six-string Fender and cornet offerings all feature to make a solemn, graceful, soundtrack-esque piece that relaxes and inspires to the core.



  1. Great choice indeed!

    (Y no hay que olvidar las geniales y brillantes contribuciones de Rob Mazurek y Chad Taylor a este disco)