Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Song Of The Day No.36

Preteen Weaponry Pt. II

by Oneida (Preteen Weaponry, 2008)

Oneida have been around since the mid-1990s and have released ten full-length albums to date, over these albums musical influences from krautrock, post-rock, psychedelia and hard-rock have all been embraced with songs ranging from lo-fi efforts to loud-as-you-like compositions but in amongst this spectrum there is one constant: repetition. The band have a penchant for repetition and it shows, featuring heavily in their music.

This track is a prime example. The second of three songs on the album, 'Pt II' starts where 'Pt I' left off with crackling, distortioned sound mimicking spacial explosions or a volcano's wrath. The deep, thundering drums power the song and provide a tribal march and the base repetition for the song to be layered upon by textured guitars. Some guitars zoom in and out, humming, screeching and roaring while others replicate a more electric, futuristic wail and whine before, after seven minutes or so, soaring vocals start chanting in a complementary fashion. The song is a slow, hypnotic journey that penetrates through vibrations and sound to the core, as the song ends the noise level is lowered and slowed and finished off with the gratifying hum of feedback.


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