Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Song Of The Day No.37


by Orange Juice (You Can't Hide Your Love Forever, 1982)

Formed in 1976 and after a name change in 1979 they released their first single on Alan Horne's new record label, Postcard Records, in 1980. As the first group to release a single on said short-lived but influential Scottish label, it should be no surprise that the band themselves have influenced a whole score of groups, even to the extent of being able to say that indie-pop didn't exist before these Glaswegians.

Trademark jangly guitar riffs are slightly subdued on this slow starting but ultimately storming track with a piano taking centre-stage thumping out the pulsating melody. Mmmms and ohhhhs combined with shivering cymbals greet the listener and the song kick-starts into life. Shimmering, strummed electric guitar back-ups the piano and rumbling bass before the song shifts up a couple of gears for the chorus. “Felicity, I guess so, felicity, I guess so” is warbled out in Collins' fey high-pitched, but not as high as normal, vocals and are complemented by a thundering guitar rhythm to increase the intensity and urgency. A verse, chorus and bridge later and the song has expelled all the energy it can.


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